Why Kayak Fishing Is The Greatest Sport In History

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Most people may not even know what Kayak fishing is but, interestingly enough it is the greatest sport in history. Some people may say football (hoorah)! Or that basketball is life! Some may even hark back to the Romans and their games but that all pales in comparison to the beautiful sport of kayak fishing. 

Here’s why:


1 Kayak Fishing Builds Virtue

Patience is a Virtue

One thing that most people don’t realize is that it requires a lot of patience to be a good Kayak Fisherman. I can remember many a time being on the edge of my patience before fish-on. So everyone on this site has my greatest respect for waiting it out while you are wading it out. While most popular sports have instant action and gratification. But Kayak Fishing is a slow burn and quite a relaxing one at that. But catching that fish sure is worth the wait. And it builds that virtue of patience. 



2 Kayak Fishing is a Workout

Kayak Fishing is A Workout!

Remember paddling for two hours, just to get to your favorite fishing spot, and then paddling home! That’s work. Also, the strength needed to reel in bigger fish is not inconsiderable, and especially if you are catching much fish (I hope) it can get tiring after many fish fights. So next time you are tugging on a line, just know I am rooting for you and am proud of the strength you are building. 



3 Kayak Fishing Is Intense

Intense Waters

The first time I flipped in a kayak I was immensely scared. Of course, I was just practicing, but I was wearing a spray skirt so I had an extra sense of being locked into the Kayak, luckily I got out alive! That first dip of your head into the chilling water is intense and will get you nice and alert if you felt sleepy. I know some of you guys are way out on the ocean, or maybe are also interested in rougher waters and I say to you thanks for making Kayaking seem cool!



4 Kayak Fishing Is Honorable

Maybe a little overboard… Kayak Fishing is Honorable

Now whether you catch and release or cook your catches, there is something honorable in it. For everyone catching and releasing, your empathy for animals is respectable and another virtue worth building. To everyone who eats their catches, right on! Naturally, humans are meant to get their own food and you bringing out your hunter-gatherer roots but with some serious style.



5 Kayak Fishing Builds Community

If you don’t have any Kayak fishing buddies… I am now your new Kayak Fishing Buddy! Shoot me an e-mail, join the Facebook group, join the subreddit, go out and join your local Kayak Fishing club. I am great friends with my fellow fishermen, and reminiscing about catches 


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