Perception Pescador Pro 12.0, Is It Any Good?

August 3, 2021


Welcome to the Perception Pescador 12.0 Pro 2021 Review

This is the first kayak from Perception I will be reviewing on this blog! And I am glad it is the pescador 12.0. This kayak is super popular. This was the kayak I bought for my son when I started getting him to come fish with me and is dear to my heart.

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  • 32.5 Inch Width and 12ft long
  • Weighs 64 lbs
  • 374 lb capacity
  • Soft-touch handle
  • Huge storage well, with bungees
  • Small circular back hatch
  • Rod holders (meant for perceptions proprietary x-rod holders to be put in)
  • Kayak Paddle bungee/pocket
  • 2 Setting, seat. Reclined and Upright
  • Foot Pegs, easily adjustable
  • Fishfinder input area (no drilling required)
  • Scuffer holes


Performance Review

How something that weight 64 lbs can support 374 lbs is beyond me! Perception has outdone itself with this feat of engineering and it’s only $979.00. An incredible option for people that just want a fishing kayak that just works.

The perception pescador pro 12.0 is not the widest, but that makes it super nimble, and more maneuverable for storage and transport. Wiring a fishing sonar is super easy as all of the holes are pre-drilled, so you won’t lose your warranty. The chair is simple to take off and put back on and is just as comfortable as other chairs on the market. 

Although not the most stable, you can stand up fish relatively well on the pescador pro 12.0, I fell in a few times on this kayak. The inside stays dry, thanks to the scuffers (you can put a foam ball in them to plug em up and prevent backsplash). There is also a handy dandy paddle holder, secured with a bungee just to the side of the kayak.

The Perception Pescador Pro 12.0


Great kayak for any fisherman, who just wants to paddle and fish, without spending over $1,000 dollars. 

Extremely nimble, and quick. Perception has gone in an opposite direction to companies like 3 waters and their big fish line. If this doesn’t sound like the boat for you, you can check out other stand up fishing kayaks on my review list here.



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