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Old Town Mirage Pro 12 Hobie VS Old town sportsman 106 hobie mirage angler 12 pro

The Sportsman 106 vs The Mirage Pro 12

Old town sportsman 106

Price: $2499.99

Old Town vs Hobie*This comparison is for the motorized version of the Sportsman 106
Type of Kayak
Sit on Top
Sit on Top
Propulsion System
37 in
36 in
10 ft 6 in
12 ft
390 lbs
500 lbs
75 lbs
132.5 lbs
hobie mirage angler 12 pro

Price: $4799.00

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Editors Score for the Old Town Sportsman: 9/10
Editors Score for the Hobie Mirage Pro 12: 9.5/10


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Now I wont go into super detail onto each kayak in this section, you can check the respective reviews here: Mirage Pro 12 and Old Town Sportsman This is a comparison page so I will go over the main differences between the two that I have found. Sidenote: I like both of these boats a lot!


The Mirage Pro 12 wins in this category. It is more narrow and, has incredible precision when using the pedal system. The Sportsman uses a motor and it takes some practice to get good at losing your momentum after turning the motor off, and getting your paddle ready. The Mirage can make super tight turns, much tighter than the Sportsman. Although in terms of fitting into spaces, I’d say they are about even. The sportsman is wider by a bit, but the Mirage Pro 12 is also a few feet longer.

Both kayaks have a limit as to the depth that their propulsion apparatuses can function in, I have found that the the sportsman you generally want to stay on the safe side with a motor so I bring up the motor and paddle when things get more shallow. Whereas the Mirage autoretracts when things get too shallow!


Well given the Mirage Pro 12 is about twice as expensive, I am glad to say that it also comes with many more features. There are 3 hatches on the Mirage Pro 12, and only one on the Motorsport. The mirage pro also has a more customizable seat, and more pockets! However the Motorsport, is more stable and actually probably better for stand up fishing in more troubled waters! Though both are very stable kayaks either way.


The Motorsport probably edges the mirage pro 12 when it comes to ocean fishing, it is a good kayak for deeper water fishing. It’s salt water ready, and wider. It also has a motor which is perfect for the ocean. It’s more fitted for the ocean or a large lake, as you might not even get to use the motor if you stick to shallow rivers.

The Mirage Pro 12, which I will always love, is the best all around fishing kayak, and is really good on lakes and streams.

Honestly it’s up to you guys, what do you think?

Update - 2021.06.07 The motor in my Sportsman drains batteries, so I have to paddle sometimes that might be something to consider
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  1. old town sportsman

    Old Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota 2021 - $2,499.99

    Reviewed on June 28, 2021 by Delmer T.

    I like this boat! I think that what you said is pretty close to on the money… I wish you would’ve mentioned there’s not much storage on it! It’s ok I got my milk crate and I’m fishin

    + PROS: I never fall off
    - CONS: Storage
  1. Hobie Mirage 12

    Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 with 360 Drive 2021 - $4,799.00

    Reviewed on June 28, 2021 by Howard

    I am really loving my Hobie. I read a bunch of online reviews and watched a lot of videos. I also went to the store and tested the damn thing! And it didn’t let me down. Now I just got it so I will let you know if anything goes wrong

    + PROS: I adore the green color
    - CONS: None so far

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