The 5 Best Kayak Fishing Tips! What Will You Learn?

The Best Kayak Fishing Tips Around

My Kayak Fishing Tips!

Introduction: Kayak Fishing Tips

When you first start kayaking, and you’ve never done it before it can be confusing! You might have a lot of questions about what is going on, how do I choose a kayaking spot, how do I transport the kayak? This article hopefully will put you at ease and get you one step closer to fishing! So let’s get to the kayak fishing tips

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Kayak Transportation

Dragging a kayak around is hard! These things weigh anywhere from 70-120lbs and by yourself, it can be difficult to drag it around with no extra gear. That’s why my first tip is to get an accessory that lets you cart around your kayak. I remember my first time lugging it around in the mud, luckily I did not have a Pedal or Motor drive so nothing was really ruined, but it was something I did not find pleasant! So get yourself a Kayak Transport Cart. You won’t have to worry about having another person or mangling your kayak, and everything will flow much smoother. That’s why getting a kayak cart is my first kayak fishing tip!

kayak cart

Kayak fishing tip #1: Get yourself a lil cart!


Be Ready to Fish

So you get your kayak into the water, and your paddling, pedaling, relaxing. You cast your rod and bam! You’ve got a fish: the battle begins. You start reeling the sucker in, and as soon as it gets to your kayak… Oh no, everything is behind you mixed around in a milk crate! Now you have to hold on to the fish with one hand while you search for your pliers, net, whatever. This is not Ideal! You don’t want to have to worry about the fish getting under the kayak or flopping around in the kayak and making a mess. So next time, before you go out, make sure you have your fish grips, your net, your pliers, your fish ruler, all of the necessary gear ready and easily available! Know where it is before you go out!

fish grip

Kayak fishing tip #2: Be prepared!




Find Other Kayakers to Go Fishing With

You will learn so much as a beginner if you go out with people that know what they are doing. You can ask them about gear, and modifications: For example, if they have pedal drive or motors and you are just starting ask them about their experience or try out their kayaks. There are so many opportunities to meet people: while you are out on the water, online forums, you have tons of options 

Facebook, Reddit, Twitter


lifetime tamarack 100

Kayak fishing tip #3: It’s Better with Buddies!


Have the Right Gear

Choosing A Paddle.

Choosing the right paddle is almost as important as picking the right kayak. When it comes to paddles, you want one that is long enough to reach the water comfortably but not so long that it becomes unmanageable. The ideal length is determined by a formula that takes into account your height, boat width, and paddling technique, but for most individuals, a decent starting point is around 8 feet. Paddle Comparison Page

kayak fishing tricks

Kayak fishing tip #4: Get yer gear!


Choosing a PFD

Kayak fishing is an activity that takes place on, near, and, if things go wrong, in the water. Wear a personal flotation device (PFD), often known as a life jacket, at all times. They do, however, provide advantages beyond just keeping you afloat. PFDs intended for kayak fishing, such as Old Town’s Lure Angler jacket, have large sections that accommodate tiny tackle boxes great for your favorite lures, hooks, and leads. Getting rid of the need to haul to shore, untangle your lines, and rummage through a large tackle box. PFD Comparison Page

Choosing Your Outfit

One of the most appealing aspects of kayak fishing is how close you can go to nature. Because of the exposure, it’s also important to dress correctly.

If you’re fishing in open regions where the sun and heat are strong, consider wearing a lightweight long-sleeve shirt, hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays. To add to your protection, go for lightweight shell pants, neck gaiters, and gloves. Another wonderful technique to stay cool is to soak any of your clothes in water and then put them back on. This is a reminder to bring a drink and sunscreen!

A day in the warm weather doesn’t always happen. Many of us are out in the cold, either in the water or in the air. Even though the temperature outside is pleasant, prolonged immersion in cold water might cause hypothermia. A wetsuit is a cost-effective and long-lasting way to stay warm, and it may be combined with a shell jacket for further wind protection. Wear suitable layers, such as wool or a synthetic material like polypropylene, as well as a water-repellent shell, at the absolute least. This mostly applies to fishing in the sea!


Get Out There

Go on get! You will learn more from your first trip to the water than from 10 articles or videos about kayak fishing tips. Only you know your preferred way to fish, and you can only find it out by kayak fishing. We all only got one life to live, so you might as well spend a bunch of it kayak fishing. I know guys that have completely different methods/systems of fishing from me, and if I took their advice and never changed then I would be totally bummed out with kayak fishing. You are the decider here, so go on and get some experience. 

kayak fishing tips

Kayak fishing tip #5: Go Fish!

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