Big Fish Kayak: The Complete Lineup Review 2021!

A Comprehensive Guide to Big Fish Kayaks

Big Fish 105 Big Fish 120 3 Waters Battle VS Big Fish 120 Big FIsh 108 VS Big Fish 108 Big fish 105

The Big Fish Kayak Summary, 105, 108 and 120

The Big Fish LineupA Comparison of Big Fishes Most Popular Models and a Suggestion As to Who Should Buy Each Model
Propulsion System**Note the highlighted section is not always “the best” but the selection that gives the most options
Pedal Driven
33.5 in
38 in
35 in
89 lbs
135 lbs
100 lbs
CapacityFrame rate per second
380 lbs
450 lbs
400 lbs

Quick Answer: Which Big Fish Kayak Is Right For You

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So you don’t have time to read this whole article well, here is the ending conclusion **spoiler alert**

The Big Fish Kayak 105

This Kayak is For Those Who Want The Most Nimble Big Fish Kayak

The Big Fish Kayak 108

This Kayak is For Those of You Who Can Spend A Lot, And Want A Big Fish Pedal Drive Kayak

The Big Fish Kayak 120

This Kayak is For Those of You Who Prefer Longer Kayaks

**Note every single one of these kayaks is perfectly fine for Stand Up Fishing

Big Fish 105 decked out
Big Fish 105 Totally Rigged Out


I believe that 3 Waters makes some of the best Kayak available! And in terms of stability, and smoothness of motion these kayaks are unbeatable! I have tried many times to flip a Big Fish Kayak and I am actually unable to. These things are beasts, and perfect for stand up fishing.

Above is the Big Fish 105, the cheapest Kayak on this list absolutely modded to perfection. Take it as an example that any of these kayaks could be the perfect one for you, and that price doesn’t always mean everything. Ok let’s get to the review…

Questions to Ask Yourself

What terrain am I using this kayak in? (The ocean, a super calm lake, a windy river?)

How tall am I? What height do I usually prefer for a kayak?

Do I want to Pedal or Paddle?

How heavy of a kayak can I transport? maneuver? how much do I weigh?

Whats the Deal: Big Fish 105 vs 120?

Ok with that warmup done I am going to explain the main difference between the two paddle versions of the Big Fish Line and later explain the difference between pedal and paddle.

Basically, the Big Fish 120 is just a 12 ft version of the 10 ft Big Fish 105, That is the main difference, so let’s decide if a longer kayak is right for you.

People under 6 feet tall will probably sit comfortably in either kayak. If you’re taller, it’s usually a good idea to try out a 12 to 14-foot kayak to get a sense of the fit, seat height, and legroom available. So for people over 6 ft should probably try out the Big Fish 120 vs Big Fish 105 to get a sense of the difference.

And everybody else can just stick to the Big Fish 105 (but I implore everyone to try these Kayaks out before buying, but if you can’t do that you will probably fit just fine in the Big Fish 105). Now there may be some changes in how quickly the kayak turns, or it’s stability but they really weren’t that noticeable to me the 120 was just a bit slower.

Big Fish 108 pedale

Pedal vs Paddle: Big Fish 105/120 vs the Big Fish 108

Now the major difference between the 105/120 models and the 108 model is that the Big Fish 108 is pedal-driven and comes with 3 waters Pro Fish Pedal Drive! This pedal drive is different than the Hobie one, and is a propeller that is powered by your feet. It can get clogged with weeds in murky water, but you can easily pop the motor out of the water and clean it within minutes, and without having to leave the kayak.

It comes with a built in rudder, and 8-ball steering, so it will be faster and easier to maneuver than the other versions. Side note: I don’t know if you guys have ever tried paddling while pedaling but it is quite difficult, so you won’t be that much faster. The main advantage is that you save the energy in your arms, and make your legs do the grunt work, so you save time and energy that you can spend fishing.

Personal Experience

I have personal experience with all three of these boats. Jack has the Big Fish 105, I have the Big Fish 120 as I am a bit taller, and our friend Aidan has the Big Fish 108 PDL, so I have plenty of experience trying out these kayaks!

Personally, I prefer the Big Fish 120, but mostly because when it comes to pedal driven Kayaks I am spoiled by the hobie mirage pro 12 so it’s hard to sell me on a pedal driven kayak. I just think that the Big Fish 120, is simply all you need from Big Fish. I will admit that because the Big Fish 105 is a little more stubby it can be much harder to get going than the Big Fish 108. So my rankings would be:

Big Fish 120>Big Fish 108> Big Fish 105 remember this is from my personal experience and the kayaks could totally be different for you! 3 waters makes incredibly stable kayaks and calling them Big Fish is totally apt. So hopefully this article helped you decide which type of big fish kayak suits your needs!

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Big Fish 108

Big Fish 108 PDL Fishing Kayak 2021

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Big Fish 105

Big Fish 105 Fishing Kayak 2021

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Big Fish 120

Best deal at: eBay
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