Big Fish 108 PDL Fishing Kayak, Is it a Good Choice? A 2021 Review

August 15, 2021

Welcome to the Big Fish 108 PDL  2021 Review

We all know and love Big Fish, so I am super excited to review this puppy. Similar to the Sportsman 106, this Kayak has a paddle-only version. But you just paddle and it’s basically the standard version. I’ve spent months using this kayak learning the ins-and-outs so let’s get to it!

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  • PDL tech, Big Fish pedal motor (propel drive)
  • 38 Inch Width and 10ft long
  • Easy mount for camera’s and trackers
  • Weighs 128 lbs
  • 1 Hatch
  • 450 lb capacity
  • Paddle rack, and rod holders
  • Flexible mesh chair


Performance Review

The big fish 108 is lovely! The boat is only 10ft, but 38 inches wide. It’s unreasonably stable! A great boat for standing up. The drive and the rudder can both be lifted and are optional when kayaking, but it would be weird to buy the PDL version without using it. 

The Big Fish 108 PDL Fishing, mine is kind of slow start when pedaling, there is a sort of lag time on mine. It is also pretty hard to go super fast, but maybe I’m just old. If the water is nasty, don’t go out it’s not worth it, the motor will get gummed up! You can reverse on the boat, but you also have to pedal in reverse if that matters.

Super smooth 8 ball control. This kayak is super gentle to control. Not the fastest boat, but super maneuverable. The drive isn’t very loud.

Big FIsh 108


Good for people looking for pro level usage, but at a reasonable price point!

Takes all the great things about Big Fish kayaks, and makes it easy to move. Sometimes it can be hard to get boats this short and wide to get moving, but it’s relatively smooth here and is a great pedal kayak option! If this doesn’t sound like the boat for you, you can check out other stand up fishing kayaks on my review list here.

Also, you are going to really want to check out this comparison of all the big fish kayaks I did earlier! 


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