The Big Fish 105: Should you buy it? A 2021 Review

August 15, 2021


Welcome to the Big Fish 108 PDL  2021 Review

I am back with my Big Fish 105 review. Just took this bad boy back out on the water for a pleasant experience. With really any 3 waters kayak you can’t go wrong so. I have lots of experience in this field so I’m excited to get to it… Let’s get to it! 

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  • 33.6 Inch Width and 10ft 6in long
  • Rod Holders Behind Seat
  • Removable Storage Pod
  • Huge bungee tank well in the back
  • Weighs 89 lbs
  • 380 lb capacity
  • Cathedral Hull design, (tracks straighter, but slower)
  • Comfortable seat with 4 different positions


Performance Review

The big fish 105 is outstanding for its price! This boat is a machine. It may not be the fastest but it tracks extremely well and glides on the water. A great boat for standing up in the seat even has a 4th setting as a lean bar! Priced well under $1,000 dollars this thing is great for anyone that doesn’t want an advanced propulsion system, or an expensive setup. Plus you have all the room in the world to add any attachment you desire, add a fish finder, kayak cart tracks, an extra rod holder…. the possibilities are endless!

The Big Fish 105, has 4 seat positions. The first one is great for fishing, the second great for a relaxing cast, and the third great for paddling. The fourth is the lean bar mentioned earlier, with a standing assist rope! It’s easy to add on a rudder, or trolling motor. And has plenty of space for a tacklebox! This makes the big fish 105 ideal for standing up in and makes sure you have a comfortable and smooth ride when you paddle. 

The grip plate, and kayak design, make this thing a beast for standing up. The grip plate is well placed, and your first comfortably rests shoulder distance apart while you cast! The grip on the plate is quite sturdy and has only worn out a little bit! And is my first suggestion for beginners that want to stand up fish! The inside stays dry, and the cathedral hull design makes sure you will not be flipping over! 

Big fish 105


Good for anyone looking to stand up fish without wanting to break the bank!

It might not be super fast, but it’s stable! Sometimes it can be hard to get boats from the Big Fish line to move, but it’s worth it for the stability and ease of use. If this doesn’t sound like the boat for you, you can check out other stand up fishing kayaks on my review list here.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the big fish 105. It was quite short and sweet. Directly to the point and I hope you learned something about this wonderful kayak. If you want to see it in comparison to the entire big fish lineup check out the big fish lineup complete review! In this article, I compared the 120, 105, and 108 and figure out how they stack up against each other. So if you haven’t quite decided on the 105 it’s definitely worth a quick read!

These are some pictures of the big fish 105, and some videos that I thought would be helpful for deciding!



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Where to Buy

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