Big Fish 105 3 Waters Pescador 12.0 Perception VS big fish 105 perception pescador 12.0

The Big Fish 105 vs Pescador 12.0

3 Waters vs PerceptionA Battle of Boats
Type of Kayak
Sit on Top
Sit on Top
Propulsion System
33.5 in
10 ft 6 in
12 ft
380 lbs
375 lbs
89 lbs
64 lbs!
Made In USA
perception pescador 12.0

Price: $4799.00


How did these two score, in their separate reviews?
Editors Score for the Big Fish 105: 7.5/10
Editors Score for the Pescador 12.0: 8/10

Availability: Austin Kayak and Local Dealers

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I wont go into super detail onto each kayak in this section, you can check the respective reviews here: Big Fish 105 and Perception Pescador. This is a comparison page so I will go over the main differences between the two that I have found.


The Pescador Pro 12 wins in this category by a long shot. It is more narrow and lighter. So of course it will be faster and more maneuverable. However, for stand up fishing the Big Fish 105 is better. It is just more stable (and has the lean bar option), so you won’t fall in as much! So for a lighter faster boat, get the Pescador. For a bigger and smoother ride buy the Big Fish 105.


Both boats have a large variety of features, but the Big Fish 105 edges out the competition here. Both boats have rod holders… but for the Pescador you are actually meant to buy additional gear from Perception: which is kind of disappointing. In addition the Pescador’s hull design just doesn’t shape up to the Cathedral hull that comes with the Big Fish 105, and the Scuffer holes are actually sometimes a pain and have to be plugged. The Pescador also only has 2 chair options, which are lacking when compared to the 4 that come with the Big Fish 105’s comfy chair. The big fish is also cheaper, and because of that the Big Fish wins this category by a lot.


The Big Fish 105, should be bought if you want to do stand up fishing, or just want a nice kayak that doesn’t have to go fast.

The Perception Pescador Pro 12 is for people looking for a sleek watercraft, that doesn’t weigh a lot, and is super nimble

Honestly it’s up to you guys to decide which boat you want, but for now I favor The Big Fish 105. This is because Im pretty old and need the extra stability, and don’t plan on moving too fast!

Big Fish 105

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