A Brief and Awesome History of Kayak Fishing.

Interested in The History of Kayak Fishing?

Today I will be exhibiting the prestigious and precious history of Kayak fishing. This is a topic near and dear to my heart so let’s begin!

A Brief History of the Kayak

The first Kayak was created way up North, by Inuits populating Arctic Regions. These indigenous peoples invented the Kayak so they could hunt on water. Kayak means “hunters boat”. They crafted seal skin Anoraks, similar to spray skirts to keep the icy cold water from splashing up into the boat. Kayaks were the perfect stealth vehicle and might be mistaken for moving ice. Inuits would cast traps, throw spears, and only occasionally fish for food. So we can definitely say they were the first kayak fishers in the world. And by fishing from a kayak you are actually using the boat the way it’s supposed to be!

Look at the Sealskin Finish, I hope he never flips over!

The oldest Kayaks found are 4,000 years old! These earlier kayaks only had a wooden frame and seal skin was stretched around them! Imagine that sitting in a floating sack of fur above deathly cold water, sounds terrifying!

A Brief History of Fishing


Fishing Hook Made of Bone

Kayaks are 4,000 years old… well fishing is at least 40,000! It seems mankind is just meant to fish, and good on you for continuing the tradition. We have archaeological evidence of fishing baskets, nets, and traps dating back to the Paleolithic era. During this time period, most homo sapiens were hunter-gatherers and were not, in fact, fishing for recreation. Fishing with traps, was really only evident in sedentary communities, as they stayed in one place long enough to catch something! So rods didn’t come about until (what we can infer) 2,000 BC.



Trawler at Brixham

Fishing and boats first meet. Unfortunately, Kayak Fishing was not the go-to method for mass fishing, and instead, massive ships would throw nets in their wake and catch enormous amounts of fish at once. Great trawling fleets were constructed and this was probably the pinnacle for fishing for many centuries to come… until…


Modern Kayaks!

Now, these are the bad boys you will see on the gear page. Now that we’ve invented massive, fast, technologically advanced boats, you may wonder why do people still Kayak Fish? Because it’s the greatest sport on earth of course. Kayaks are super maneuverable, cheap compared to a huger boat, easily customizable, and quickly launched. I could go on and on but those are the main reasons why we see Kayak Fishing being still popular.

Classic Setup in the Ocean

Most modern-day kayaks are molded from polyethylene, which is both light and durable plastic. These beautiful boats allow for great stability and comfort while fishing in the middle of any body of water. Some modern kayaks are inflatable, and if you have one be careful of puncturing your own hull with a hook! Some super fancy ones are carbon fiber and if you have one of those, I am jealous!.

A more recent design is the catamaran which is incredibly stable, and is suitable for fishermen to both paddle and cast while standing up! There are also pedal driven kayaks that will keep you gliding in style!  No matter which Kayak you choose, as long as you’re fishing in it you’re my friend.

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